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Dedicated to AAV Manufacturing


Blaze Vector Production™

Turnkey, scalable, premier research-grade AAV production.

  • Our proprietary Ignition Cells™ with open licensing and royalty-free usage
  • Established process for many standard AAV serotypes
  • Upfront communication and pricing
  • Fast turnaround time

Process & Analytical Development

End-to-end capabilities from research to cGMP grade, reducing the need for bridging studies.

  • Experienced team able to support process development and scale up
  • In-house analytical assay development and performance to support cGMP-readiness
  • Production of toxicology material
  • Process development to manufacture novel engineered capsids
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cGMP Production

Fully disposable, closed-system processing.

  • Flexible scheduling and maximization of capacity
  • Consistent process and product flow for reduction of variation
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Changing the dynamic of manufacturing for gene therapies.

Our Advanced Technologies

The Forge Plasmid Transfection Model


​​​​​​Ignition Cells™

Royalty-free license for clients
Clonal HEK293 suspension cell line
Well documented history for clinical to commercial use
Optimized for robust transient transfection
Animal component free
Scalable production

pEMBR™ Adenovirus Helper Plasmid

Custom designed smaller ad helper plasmids
Lower cost for production
Improved safety profile – removed unnecessary adenoviral elements
Forge Biologics intellectual property
Available for pipeline use

Forging a path forward for gene therapy 

Our mission is to enable access to life changing gene therapies and help bring them from idea into reality. With a patients-first approach, we are forging new models for working together to better accelerate these transformative medicines to reach those who need them the most.

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